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Thread: Analysis - Has NVIDIA turned the corner?

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    Analysis - Has NVIDIA turned the corner?

    NVIDIA?s new strategy is to target the critical notebook integrated graphics market, and it might just work.
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    Re: Analysis - Has NVIDIA turned the corner?

    will be interesting to see just how powerful systems with the 9400 in are going to be. It may claw some back from intel's rather pathetic offerings. If AMD can get Puma out and start pushing it then the laptop landscape will get interesting.

    Add to that fact the connectorgate issue that could bite nvidia in the ass. Lying to your customers and then trying to bury the issue is a good way to get a bad name. My next lappy will not be Nvidia powered. I'm also advising people to avoid them till this is properly handled. I will not recommend faulty hardware to people that will ultimately be ringing me saying "Its blue screening and they told me to buy a new one".

    Its not going to be a good year for NV.

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