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Thread: News - Hackers bamboozled by PSP 3000 security

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    News - Hackers bamboozled by PSP 3000 security

    PSP hackers are currently stumped by the security on the the latest revision of Sony's hand-held.
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    Re: News - Hackers bamboozled by PSP 3000 security

    Quote Originally Posted by
    However. some people believe that by stopping hackers from exploiting the hardware, Sony is actually doing itself no favours.
    Well they aren't.. I'm sure if the PSP wasn't as hackable and homebrew capable as it is, it wouldn't have sold as much. I wouldn't have bought one just to play the games on it. The mini apps you can run and things you can do with it make it a much better purchase. For example, I'd rather have my PSP downloading my torrent rather than leave my PC on overnight to download, wasting energy. If I wanted to have something like that to download I would have to pay for those Killer NIC cards that can torrent and download while the PC is off, but thats £150-100 alone and can only do that. Another useful app on it is the RPN HP Calculator, quite useful if you don't have your calculator about, and the last is to use it as an MP3 player You could use it as that anyway but just buying it to play MP3s and games would be a waste for me. There's many more apps for it out there that I don't know or haven't used but these are some of a few that are nice to use.

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    Re: News - Hackers bamboozled by PSP 3000 security

    I agree that with out homebrew the PSP is a bit of a dud.

    I always thought they should embrase homebrew. My idea would be for them to release a firmware that had all the copy protection in place but allowed homebrew to run, maybe even go as far as releasing a dev kit.

    This could give two benifits as, in theory, it would mean the hackers and devs would have no reason to break the official firmware so no running of "backups". But also the best homebrew apps could be released on to PSN for a fee for the less technical users who want more functionality from their investment.

    I really believe that most PSP hackers and devs dont want their work to be used for piracy, its in their interest for the PSP to be supported by Sony. If piracy continues at its current level then the PSP is dead there is already a desperate lack of games.

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