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Thread: Analysis - HEXUS.sharewatch: Microsoft plunges while Google and Apple gain

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    Analysis - HEXUS.sharewatch: Microsoft plunges while Google and Apple gain

    A bad week for the software giant as its shares tumble and its competitors strengthen.
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    Re: Analysis - HEXUS.sharewatch: Microsoft plunges while Google and Apple gain

    Not to harp on but, again the 10-12% up and down in this climate is pretty common and doesn't mean to much, a weekly outlook gives vastly misleading information lately.

    Likewise, AMD's losses were far LOWER than expected and caused a stock rise once announced. Writing down the value of ATi is ultimately what lots of companys are doing with parts of their company, why? Tax breaks, and multiple other reasons. ATi isn't particularly worth less than it was, its market share is increasing and competing incredibly well, their value is being written down as its in the interest of the company and saving them money.

    AMD announced some more job cuts, so have big blue, and Intel announced another major cull, Google aswell. In general job cuts are leading to share prices rising amongst many companies as it gives shareholders confidence that whatever the company happens to be, is making a bit effort to restructure and scale down to the current market conditions. Intel's reasoning, theres little point keeping 3 more fabs open, when there isn't any work for them to do. Short term redundancy costs are nothing on the savings on shutting down those 3 fabs over a few years and shareholders know that. Intel AMD and Google showed gains after announcing losses, before going on to follow the tech sector trend of drops.

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