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Thread: News - Misco launches live chat on all products

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    News - Misco launches live chat on all products

    You can now have a chat with a real person online when looking at products, does it help?
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    Re: News - Misco launches live chat on all products

    I haven't used Misco since the period of their restructuring a few years back. My last contact with them was when they sent me a letter threatening court action. Somehow they had managed to forget to charge for a single spindle of CDs, on what was a fairly large order. Quite bizarre that their initial course of action, to resolve their mistake, was to fire off such a letter. I wrote back reminding them that they had my credit card details on file, and I was happy for them to take the money. I also complained at the way they had handled the situation. No one at Misco had the courtesy to reply, so I've never thrown any more business their way.

    Still, that was some time ago. It's good to see they are taking steps to be more customer focused, I may just give them another try one day.

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    Re: News - Misco launches live chat on all products

    yeah that would definitely help a lot. sometimes the product descriptions just aren't clear enough when you want something specific (is it the full or lite package? ). i think it's a great idea.

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    Re: News - Misco launches live chat on all products

    Tested this out myself yesterday, I asked them if I could fit a Noctua NH-U12P into an Antec P182 (already knowing from many online reviews that I could). The advisor checked Noctua's website for the specs, alongside the specs for the case, and came back with a prompt yes. He also apologised for not knowing this already, and also for the gaps of non conversation while checking this. Overall I was pretty impressed.

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