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Thread: News - G.Skill joins the high-speed DDR3 game with The Perfect Storm

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    News - G.Skill joins the high-speed DDR3 game with The Perfect Storm

    2,000MHz with 7-8-7-20 timings
    Read more.

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      • Intel Core i7 820 2.66ghz will over clock later as this is sitting under a Thermalright Ultra 120
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    Re: News - G.Skill joins the high-speed DDR3 game with The Perfect Storm

    "Would you shell out £300 on a 6GB kit? We'd love to find out."

    Not when £165 gets me 6GB of CAS8 Corsair Dominator 1600mhz RAM or £132 for some G.Skill 6GB CAS8 1600mhz RAM and other 6GB 1600mhz kits at a similar price point. Also considering the performance gain from various online tests of 2000mhz RAM over 1600mhz, or even 1333mhz RAM for that matter, the performance gain is negliable.

    Seems the consensus of opinion is just to get any 6GB into your core i7 system over 3GB and Vista 64bit runs much smoother.

    Money saved buying 1600mhz RAM over 2000mhz RAM is then better spent on processor or graphics card which will give you a far better 'bang for buck' in real time performance.

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