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Thread: News - eBay will IPO Skype next year

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    News - eBay will IPO Skype next year

    More indications from the online marketplace that it?s refocusing on its core business areas.
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    Re: News - eBay will IPO Skype next year

    They dropped the ball with Skype imho, they should of advertised the nuts off of it and pushed it properly instead of buying it and sitting on there arses...

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    Re: News - eBay will IPO Skype next year

    If they sort their pricing structure out so that it doesn't punish sellers, as well as their ludicrous support and maybe they also need to focus on the anti-competative nature of forcing the use of Paypal, aswell as paypals ludicrous system of money clawbacks, they might start earning money again.

    Punish sellers who are providing eBay with their revenue is tantamount to suicide, sellers will generally have the consumer in mind already while also trying not to get fleeced in the process, so giving buyers all the cards isn't helping win sellers confidence.

    Most businesses who use eBay don't want to be contacted by voice as part of most transactions as they are wanting to get on with packaging up items and getting them out of the door and dealing with listing etc, they don't want to be glued to their computer and dealing with e-mail queries is much easier as can be done in a sellers timeframe and the standard telephone usually suffices for any contact required over the phone.

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    Re: News - eBay will IPO Skype next year

    I wonder if investors will be forced to use Paypal to buy Skype?

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