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Thread: News - Sega unveil its E3 line-up

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    News - Sega unveil its E3 line-up

    Publishers are busy preparing themselves for E3 and Sega is first past the post to reveal its line-up of video games.
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    Re: News - Sega unveil its E3 line-up

    Only Bayonetta looks promising.

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    Re: News - Sega unveil its E3 line-up

    Not to be too negative but there's very little to get excited about there, as far as I'm concerned anyway.

    I'm looking forward to AvP to be fair, I enjoyed the previous games on PC and an early 2010 release means I should have plenty of time to get into (and back out of) Modern Warfare 2 properly, other than that though i have to say I'm a bit dissapointed.

    Bayonetta looks like someone ran DMC4 through a mincer then strapped some novelty breasts on what was left if I'm honest, it'll probably be fun to play but then so will the other dozen triple A titles that'll get released just before christmas. Planet 51 will inevitably be slightly turdish in nature given its origins and the less said about how much I care for the winter olympics let alone a game based on the event the better.

    Sega need to sort themselves out, get on the phone with capcom and see just how quickly they can knock up a teaser trailer for Powerstone on XBLA and PSN, if they want any of my money in the foreseeable future that is.

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