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Thread: News - AMD outlines its Vision

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    News - AMD outlines its Vision

    At a notebook day in Austin, Texas, AMD's Leslie Sobon talked about the firm's new Vision branding and why AMD believes it will be better for consumers.
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    Re: News - AMD outlines its Vision

    Quote Originally Posted by HEXUS View Post
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    ...The campaign is supposed to make it easier for ordinary folk to know what their potential product purchase is capable of, without confusing them with an abundance of "speeds and feeds."

    With Vision, AMD is grouping PCs into four tiers: Vision, Vision Premium, Vision Ultimate and Vision Black. ...
    I can't quite see the 'clarity' with the AMD naming scheme for Vision if it is aimed at Joe Average. Black is better than Ultimate? 1 start to 4 star maybe easier for the general consumer.

    Also in 1-2 years time - when superior technology is in the market place - how is this naming scheme meant to progress with it?

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