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Thread: News - Super Talent turns to SandForce for super-speedy SSDs

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    News - Super Talent turns to SandForce for super-speedy SSDs

    New line of TeraDrive SSDs to be equipped with a SandForce SF-1500 SSD processor.
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    Re: News - Super Talent turns to SandForce for super-speedy SSDs

    Seems pointless, the only preview of the speeds are on the OCZ model, which the previewing site claimed was the single fastest drive ever. However it barely won in most benchmarks and in real world performance showed very little benefit, and this was an enterprise uber expensive version, not a mid level home user version which would likely have cheaper nand flash in and the lower end controller chip. Which would likely erase any performance benefit over any indilinx drive.

    It would seem to me that outside of a couple of sythetic tests, it wouldn't be worth the difference, the same way a Crucial and an intel are all but identical in real world usage, even though both excel and beat each other in various benchmarks. You can't tell the difference to be honest between Crucials nor intel's in raid, yet benchmarks would tell you otherwise. These seem all hype so far, and if they offer anything to home users we'll see.

    Keeping in mind home users won't be wanting to rape their hard drives, due to size and wear and tear downloading, unraring and storage aren't its main benefits, instant access and more than enough speed to push loading times back on cpu/subsystem limits is achieved with indilinx drives now. Now needing a drive to do video capture, encoding, heavy work loads where time is money, and you might want more speed and the wear and tear of SSD's becomes acceptable for the extra performance, but home users will be avoiding those situation and requirements.

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    Re: News - Super Talent turns to SandForce for super-speedy SSDs

    Great. They've named an up-to-200GB drive the 'TeraDrive'. Those marketing tools...

    Can't wait till they release the up-to-500GB 'PetaDrive'

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