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Thread: News - Google publishes its privacy principles

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    News - Google publishes its privacy principles

    In conjunction with Data Privacy Day, Google wants us to know how important our privacy is to it.
    Read more.

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    Re: News - Google publishes its privacy principles

    4. Give users meaningful choices to protect their privacy.
    People have different privacy concerns and needs. To best serve the full range of our users, Google strives to offer them meaningful and fine-grained choices over the use of their personal information. We believe personal information should not be held hostage and we are committed to building products that let users export their personal information to other services. We don't sell users' personal information.
    Personally, I only need one option from them, and that is "Do not, under any circumstances, collect, store or process ANY personal information about me."

    Do I get that option? I rather doubt it.

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    Re: News - Google publishes its privacy principles

    It does amaze me how people don't realise exactly how much information Google has on them. I mean they are pushing into nearly every area of technology and communication. And while this is great, the downside is the amount of personal information they do hold about you.

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