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Thread: News - Facebook reveals ?simplified? user controls

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    News - Facebook reveals ?simplified? user controls

    The social networking giant responds to the biggest crisis of its brief history, but will it be enough?
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    Re: News - Facebook reveals ?simplified? user controls

    Quote Originally Posted by HEXUS View Post
    .... but will it be enough?
    Too early to tell.

    I'd say two things are self-evident.

    1) They have seriously damaged reputation and trust.

    2) Reputation and trust are hard to establish, very easy to lose and far, far harder to regain than to gain in the first place.

    My guess is that some FB users will have gone for good, some will have had their eyes opened and attitude changed (perhaps permanently), and that many (maybe most) will carry on, if a little more sceptically.

    Is the damage to FB terminal? I really doubt it?

    Was it damaging? Oh yes.

    Has the game changed and the way they are perceived changed? I'd say irrefutably and irreversibly, but not terminally.

    Have FB learned from this and both grown up and grown less arrogant? I hope so .... but I'm not holding my breath.

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    Re: News - Facebook reveals ?simplified? user controls

    I never knew you were a question-talker

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    Re: News - Facebook reveals ?simplified? user controls

    The recent 'Draw Muhammad day' also caused a lot of damage.

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