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A few good reasons for this non-decision:
- 3D might not be that big of a deal, but it eats up bandwidth
- No easily spot-able winner in 3D
- Keeps SKY off their back by not moving into virgin territory like they did with Iplayer.

FYI on the License Fee, it does not just pay for the BBC; but for Freeview, Freesat, Public service broadcasting on ITV/C4/C5 and the terrestrial broadcast network.

If you hate the cheap commercial crap on the BBC then why would cutting funding help any? Also Britain isn't some special case with the only TV license in the world. Go ask a New Zealander how much like their broadcasting now the license was scrapped.

Edit: Man I was in a grump today. Sorry guys. Maybe I should cheer the hell up
I have some Australian friends in the UK.

They would rather not spend £150 a year to pay for TV. They don't see the difference between Australian TV and UK TV.

They don't understand why they are watching Neighbours for free in Australia but they have to pay a fee in the UK.

Some now don't pay for the licence and use the money for an overseas holiday. Others actually use the money to watch unlimited movie releases on the big screen.

However, back on topic. I am sure BBC will go for 3D in the future.