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Thread: News - Sony launches ‘network media player’

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    News - Sony launches ‘network media player’

    Sony unveils internet TV box of tricks, while Apple TV starts shipping.
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    Re: News - Sony launches ‘network media player’

    Wifi connection to home network - it better offer wired connection as well because I do not believe in using Wifi.

    Premium service release $24.95 for a film! Thanks but will go down to my local cinema for less and still have change to buy the DVD.

    And of course it will come with a whole load of DRM that you are not allowed to get rid off which will slow the network down (assuming it does not crash it).

    We are rapidly getting to stage with Atom variants where a mini-ITX board, a nice case and some memory will do everything these media players can do for no more than £250 and you can serve the net as well with them. Far more flexible than a media player and almost as simple

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