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Thread: News - WP7 Marketplace outpaces older Windows peer

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    News - WP7 Marketplace outpaces older Windows peer

    More app variety indicates Microsoft’s WP7 consumer-friendly focus.
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    Re: News - WP7 Marketplace outpaces older Windows peer

    WP7 is shaping up nicely, I was pretty sure my next phone would be an Android (after current N900) but now I'm not so sure, by the time the summer comes around WP7 and MeeGo could be in with a shout. Depends on the hardware... WP7 needs to move up a notch from Snapdragon/Adreno 200, and MeeGo could get some nice Nokia hardware under it (Maemo on my N900 might be limited, but the hardware is excellent).

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    Re: News - WP7 Marketplace outpaces older Windows peer

    The wp7 phones that were released when wp7 came out were reference designs, hopefully with the new Qualcomm chips soon we'll get to see what people like HTC can do with the phones and really show us something, personally I waiting for my desire hd to turn up at which point I'll sell my HD2 and wait a year ands see what turns up...

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    Re: News - WP7 Marketplace outpaces older Windows peer

    Well it still hasn't sold me. I'm really loving my droid! And I can't see that changing any time soon. (Although developing for WP7 looks the easiest of the three (I am a .NET dev), android isn't bad enough that I'll switch).

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