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Thread: News - Intel announces 2nd Generation Core Processor Family

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    Re: News - Intel announces 2nd Generation Core Processor Family

    Tut Tut Hexus, uncharacteristically slow on getting the review up! You lot all busy at CNet?

    Come on, get it up, the other review sights just don't cut it for me I'm afraid. Some seriously spurious looking benchmarks on the gaming performance of these at High res with the same GPU as other CPUs flying around, I want to know if there's any merit in them....I'm talking gains of up to 30FPS against some last gen i5s etc.

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    Re: News - Intel announces 2nd Generation Core Processor Family

    I assume Tarinder is on holiday or unavailable at the moment.

    Regarding dodgy results, remember Intel are a sponsor of Hexus too... not suggesting anything underhand, but then other sites aren't necessarily bending results either, just because of a few adverts. I'm not sure why Intel would need any results swung anyway - they've got the fastest chip and it's about to become available for tuppence compared to their own similarly performing flagship chips. They're competing with themselves while just about leaving the budget area to AMD.

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