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Thread: News - Police arrest 5 suspected hacktivists

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    News - Police arrest 5 suspected hacktivists

    Men thought to be connected with Anonymous attacks in support of WikiLeaks.
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    Re: News - Police arrest 5 suspected hacktivists

    This is a sad day for freedom of speech.

    I can understand companies like Visa not having ties to Wikileaks. Big companies like that have shareholders. If they were being threatened by various governments. The share holders would have stepped in to save the company, quashing any idea for supporting Wikileaks.

    Still, DDOS attacks are mildly annoying at best. To fine £5000 for it, when their cause is well justified is just plain wrong. I always felt those computer misuse and data protection acts were far to vague to be protective. The government can manipulate them as they see fit! Similar to those stupid anti terrorism laws. To be honest I see it as fear from the governments, trying to desperately control a user led system which is for all intent and purposes is uncontrollable.

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