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Thread: Opinions - Mobile is brutal, but so is the wider world

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    Opinions - Mobile is brutal, but so is the wider world

    Another week of knock-down, drag-out in the mobile device market.
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    Re: Opinions - Mobile is brutal, but so is the wider world

    bleh personally i think that tablets, mobile and ultra mobile devices are nothing more than a useless fashion accessory and the sooner they disappear the better, accessibility is more important than portability. tablets, like smartphones, are nothing more than disposable technology that milks the hell out of people. This is not progression and the mythical apple cool club seems to be taking a firm grip and shaking themselves off over other people while these people are brainwashed into thinking that it isnt abuse.

    What this says to me is, Apple have good innovators and marketting but are only taking it to where they see fit. other companies have NO innovation and copy the curve set by others rather than trying new and different things.. imo obviously a lot of the people in charge of these companies are old and dont want to take steps to change anything. change is life and the path we are currently walking is not a very good one and this is in regards to pretty much everything and everything is connected...

    not that i have formed any strong opinions on the matter.

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