RIM has been making a name for itself recently by constantly missing forecasts and the odd profit warning here and there.
IMHO this is due to their Blackberries simply offfering a sh*te web browsing experience and their hardware being a year behind everyone else.
As a business phone and email device, they are still second to none - I manage Blackberries, Windows Mobile 6.5 Devices and am now in the unfortunate position of also managing iPads for the enterprise.
Unfortunately, people are getting fed up of their using their phones to attempt to get some useful information from the internet and then giving up as it is too painful. RIM spectacularly failed to see this coming despite it being unbelievably obvious this was the way the market was moving for a long time now.
However they have probably seen the light at least a year or so ago and have been working to fix that since. QNX represents tehir best chance of a turnaround in their fortunes, but is it too little, too late.
Can they reverse their fortunes and increase their earnings a decent amount or will they keep under delivering?

I don't hold a position in RIM but right now I am really, really tempted as they are so cheap!