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Thread: News - Tablet shipments quadruple in Q2

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    News - Tablet shipments quadruple in Q2

    Higher than expected sales lead IDC to increase its forecast for the new form factor.
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    Re: News - Tablet shipments quadruple in Q2

    Q3's figures will be interesting thanks to the great HP TouchPad fire-sale. IDC reckons the TouchPad will claim almost five percent market share in Q3, a figure that, tragically, HP would have been delighted with at full price.
    Hmm, I've got to wonder whether the folks on the HP board are mentioning that little snippet of info to any parties interested in webOS. After all, 5% market share is a nice point for any purchaser to start growing their business from. And if it consequentially means that the folks who got the "fire sale" tablets are still going to be supported, then so much the better.

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