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Thread: News - HEXUS.sharewatch: Europe crisis reaches moment of truth

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    News - HEXUS.sharewatch: Europe crisis reaches moment of truth

    Apple and Intel are the only tech stocks to resist a week of bearish sentiment.
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    Re: News - HEXUS.sharewatch: Europe crisis reaches moment of truth

    There do seem to be two hissy fits going on with the markets right now, in Europe, now its excepted that half the Greek debt has been wiped off, and a fair bit set asside to inject if needed in to Spain and Italy solutions, the futures market appeared happy last night, we've only just reached the same high it hit!

    But the EU area stocks were hit a LOT harder than the US ones.

    In the US it was more a case of the market has assumed QE was the awnser, flattening the yield didn't seem to go down well, but didn't cause the ****stink we had in London over greece...
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