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Thread: News - Google Chrome to receive Gamepad, Webcam and WebRTC

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    News - Google Chrome to receive Gamepad, Webcam and WebRTC

    Coming early 2012 to a Google browser near you.
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    Re: News - Google Chrome to receive Gamepad, Webcam and WebRTC

    With gamepad and WebGL support, we're starting to wonder why Google doesn't just launch a HTML5 gaming console. The more likely scenario of course, is that others will build on the infrastructure Google is putting in place and offer some very interesting services in the near future. It's exciting times for web-development right now.
    Good idea - I'm sure Nintendo are worried. Although maybe a Nintendo/Google partnership to build a Wii replacement would be a marriage made in heaven. Can't see a GoogleGaming console being able to challenge the PS3 or XBox, though, unless someone's going to come out with some kind of super engine that can accelerate HTML5 dramatically.

    Looking at what's possible - e.g. Wilderness-Downtown - and I'm pretty sure that the low-end gaming that the Wii does would be feasible.

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