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Thread: News - Wii U sells 307,471 units during debut week in Japan

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    News - Wii U sells 307,471 units during debut week in Japan

    Also evidence of first “positive” steps in Wii U cracking.
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    Re: News - Wii U sells 307,471 units during debut week in Japan

    I'm pleased to be one of the 40,000 buyers. I think the product is their best console since the SNES or N64. They've added standard USB cables on the controllers, HDD support and many other standard features. Nintendo have become very active in social media opinions, and I think they're listening.

    The browser is seriously fast. Watching YouTube on the NetFront NX browser is now beautifully smooth. Opera didn't support HTML5, YouTube, Flash or anything. Nice move Nintendo, a little late - but it's perfect thanks!

    The new screen-controller-tablet thing is very light. I can comfortably surf and watch videos on it. When you weigh up it's a console, a handheld and a tablet - it does seem like good value.

    ....don't even get me started on how fun Zombi U or Assassin's Creed 3 is. Can't wait for MarioKart 8....

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