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Thread: News - Microsoft files patent revealing smartwatch plans

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    News - Microsoft files patent revealing smartwatch plans

    This wearable appears to be focusing on fitness, with its health-tracking sensors.
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    Re: News - Microsoft files patent revealing smartwatch plans

    Actually, that'scexactly what a patent is. It's the details of an innovative process, machine, plant, etc, and absolutely has to contain details, including drawings where necessary. But it is details of that process, jachine, plant, etc, not details of a marketable product. In this example, pages of description and over a dozen drawings, illustrations, etc.

    I agree it's pre-emptive, though. By definition that's what a patent is. It's a process by which the IP rights to an "invention" are reserved, giving the rights holder the legal right to preclude, or control, others ability to produce products based on that invention. The whole point of a patent is that it's pre-emptive. It has to be, because it has to be novel, original and, essentially, not published anywhere before.

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    Re: News - Microsoft files patent revealing smartwatch plans

    Quote Originally Posted by Jenny_Y8S View Post
    Come on guys. A patent application is not "details regarding Redmond's potentially upcoming wearable device". It's a pre-emptive 'covering our backs and generating a revenue stream' process done thousands of times a year by tech companies. Sure maybe MS is working on something like this, but a single patent application is not "Details" of anything!
    You know they kind of did the first connected smart watch right? Was it 10 years ago? I can't really remember, I don't think SPOT ever took off.

    If you follow the development stuff from MS it's clear they are moving towards a real IOT world, the fact they've now axed windows licenses for most low end devices to help enable this. They've got some really cool stuff with Azure, there was even this puff piece which shows how things are moving to be more connected on a 'single querably platform' this isn't even 'big data' or any such buzz word. This is quite practical stuff that is cheap and working today.

    The fact is this watch filling was probably done by the same skunksworks team that has been working on some of the more consumer adaptations of this technology. MS are sitting on some really cool stuff, that is starting to take off with the large organisations. How do they get that transitioned so average consumers can understand. I don't want to say next year will be the year of IoT, but myself, this year all my lights, doors, windows, radiators will be.
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