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Thread: Three high-ranking AMD executives step down

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    Three high-ranking AMD executives step down

    Senior executives Byrne (Graphics), LaForce (Marketing) and Naik (Strategy) leave AMD.
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    Re: Three high-ranking AMD executives step down

    Traditionally, layoffs aren't normally a tool for moving forward anything but the bottom line of lining the pockets of the shareholders. The stepping down of 3 top executives also does NOT inspire confidence.

    I'll readily admit I'm an Nvidia bigot, and have been for a long, long time. That being said, I was, for the longest time, an AMD cpu fanatic, and have hoped, rather fervently, that AMD would make an actual competitor to the Intel offerings, like they did back in the days of the T-Bird. Again, this doesn't actually inspire any confidence that this is their current agenda.

    I hope I'm wrong, but I also hope that AMD isn't secretly hitching their wagon exclusively to the Internet of Things, or dropping x86/64 in favor of ARM. Internet of Things, especially, is just a monster of a disaster waiting to happen.
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    Re: Three high-ranking AMD executives step down

    Matters may change if ARM put a terabyte of RRAM on its GPU/CPU processor dies for the same price as the equivalent Intel chip since RRAM favours the older 20nm component density used by ARM and does it say this year. A lot of home enthusiasts would really love not to pay for external memory not to mention server farms.

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    Re: Three high-ranking AMD executives step down

    I'm not a fan of this Lisa Su lady. As a fan of AMD graphic cards, I'm severely disappointed in their lack of any official word on the 3xx series cards. Very few people care about APU's and EVERYONE, myself included are waiting on some sort of response to Nvidia's 9xx series. If they dont hurry up, Nvidia is going to completely dominate the market. We need these two companies competing to keep the innovation juices flowing. When AMD and Nvidia compete, the customer wins.

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