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Thread: Microsoft and Miele collaborate to make smarter home appliances

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    Re: Microsoft and Miele collaborate to make smarter home appliances

    Quote Originally Posted by TheAnimus View Post
    The rules about who has access to that information are pretty decent on the current ms health offerings.

    The fact is we will be in a society soon that has this data, often in a centralised easy to access place, we should ensure we have clarified laws to protect us.
    "Pretty decent"?

    Is that adequate for your health data, because it sure as isn't for mine. and I notice that there are already discussions between companies controller health data from various fitness trackers, etc, and both employers and insurance companies. How long before THAT gets abused? We know people have managed to get fired over activities on, on shown on, social media sites. Employers are only too happy to jump on that, so given half a chance, don't you think there'll use "health data"? And that's just optional (at the momemt) trackers, never mind confidential GP records.

    I can tell you one reason many doctors were opposed to opt-out sharing of medical records, which is that it risks ending the fundamental trust between patient and doctor, if details of treatments can end up being "shared".

    There is, of course , an upside to centralising GP records, not least that hospitals, including A&E, could have access to detailed patient records, treatments and prescriptions, allergies, etc. Even so, personally, I had no hesitation to opt out of BOTH schemes to share my medical data, regardless of any medical benefits sharing might have conferred. If I cannot be SURE that my relationship with my GP is confidential, and not accessible to large numbers of people and organisations, I WILL simply stop being frank and open with my GP.

    I don't want my medical data, as expressed by GP records, shared with ANYBODY, without my explicit consent. As for health trackers, etc, the ONLY way I would consider such comnercial products is if the dara NEVER leaves my personal control. I don't care what controls MS, Apple, IBM etc put over access, there's no way I want MS, Apple, IBM etc having ANY access to or control over my health data in the first place.

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