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Thread: AMD lifts lid on 32-core Naples server CPU ahead of Q2 launch

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    Re: AMD lifts lid on 32-core Naples server CPU ahead of Q2 launch

    A little bit of wee came out reading this

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    Re: AMD lifts lid on 32-core Naples server CPU ahead of Q2 launch

    Quote Originally Posted by een4dja View Post
    Given these are supposed to contain 4 dies per CPU, we'll have to see how good the Infinity Fabric between them really is compared to Intel's QPI / and ring bus based uncore topology. I can see these being great for embarrassingly parallel workloads but might struggle if you have to share data via L3 cache (which is already split between each die's core complex) and LLC but we'll see
    If Ryzen is any indication, scaling of heavily multithreaded applications across the two core complexes and split L3 in the 1800X is already better than on Intel chips.

    Quote Originally Posted by een4dja View Post
    Infinity Fabric: 64 lanes of PCIe 3.0 = 48.4 GB/s typical (64GB/s theoretical)
    E5 2699V4 QPI: 2 x 9.6 GT/s = 38.4 GB/s
    Only problem with this comparison is that Naples will be competing against Intel's next-gen Skylake-EP/EX which will be coming with UltraPath and OmniPath and not QPI. While it's just as much AMD's fault using it in their own comparison, the rumoured 12 memory channels at DDR4-2400 and 3x 10.4GT/s multi-pumped UPI changes the picture quite a bit. While you can say the E5 26xx v5 isn't released yet, neither is Naples.

    The 128 PCIe v3 lanes being split into 64 + 64 for ∞ fabric also doesn't leave much room for scaling to 3/4S systems, which Intel will be able to do with 3x UPI links per socket.

    Then again, who says post-Naples won't come out with 256x PCIe v4 lanes >_>

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