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Seems there is a bigger gap over there for you brits. Odd. When I built a bargain basement PC for a friend a little more than two months ago the Ryzen was notably more expensive than the comparable i3 or i5 I was looking to put in his system. Ended up settling on an "upper end" i3 over the i5 so I could get a better motherboard (Z270 vs a B-series if I opted for the i5) and a better ram package (4x2 vs 8x1) for the price and upgrading later, but the Ryzen was nowhere near the same price category. $50+ more expensive for markedly less performance. Yes, this was before AMD released all of the patches and updates for Ryzen over the past couple of weeks, but the deed was done beforehand.

Yes, I chose the i3 over the Ryzen for his system based on cost. That's supposed to be part of Ryzen's big thing is better performance for the price, but at least in this case it didn't pan out even close to that way.

And at least to me I'm not drinking the new flavor of koolaid AMD has out quite yet. They still need to prove themselves and IMO they haven't yet.
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I'd be curious to see how many of these people are happy with their Ryzen purchase after finding out that it's just 'meh'. Certainly better than AMD's other offerings but nearly as expensive as Intel's superior offerings in the same class.
There are no comparable i3's to any ryzen processor. There are no i3's in the same performance class as any ryzen processor