Yep, after those PSP screenies, we've now got the chance to have a look at the game in action.
Feel like a race gaming god on the go, as Codemasters lines up TOCA Race Driver 2 for a Q2 release on the PlayStation® Portable (PSP™), complete with multiplayer racing over WiFI.
Which means we're not to have to wait long, but wait, there's more..
An interactive storyline takes you through the championships and captures the competitive intrigue of 12 drivers battling their way to win the ultimate racing experience.... ...With LAN-style play for up to 8 players over WiFi, competitive racing has never been so closely fought. Even on PSP, TOCA Race Driver 2 features intense pack racing with up to 21 cars aggressively competing for position!
Which all sounds pretty cool, huh?

Get yerselves over to the TOCA 2 section of the Codemasters website, here. You'll have to sign up but it's worth it.