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Thread: AMD chipsets, quirky by nature?

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    AMD chipsets, quirky by nature?

    Hardware Analysis are questioning the stability and reliability of chipsets for AMD systems
    With AMD it is another story, they basically only manufacture processors and leave it up to 3rd party chipsets manufacturers to come up with a chipset to run it on. NVIDIA is a prime example of how a company can go from good to bad overnight. Their Nforce family of chipsets can best be described as a mixed bag, there’s excellent chipsets, such as the Nforce3-250, but also particularly bad ones such as the first Nforce2. And now that PCIe is here, and all chipset manufacturers launched their chipsets supporting it, we see the same problems all over again. Nforce 4 looks good on paper, the NVIDIA reference motherboard works like a charm, but all Nforce 4 SLI motherboards currently out have issues.
    The author has a point, but let's not forget the southbridge trouble Intel had not too long ago that resulted in various motherboards being pulled back out of the channel.

    [The article]

    Thoughts & Opinions?
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    It is a good point, pair up an Intel CPU with an Intel chipset, and it just seems to work better.

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