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Thread: Apple to start making its top-end iPhones in India says report

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    Re: Apple to start making its top-end iPhones in India says report

    As I understand Trumpton's .... erm .... logic, sanctions work because of a huge trade imbalance. And a 'not level' playing field.

    Both those are hard to argue with.

    The third prong of his sanctions trident is "this will hurt the US, but nowhere near as much as it hurts China".

    Like any economic forecast, that is much harder to call because it is a multi-faceted situation .... and pretty much unprecedented. Seens to me he's betting his sanctions will be a bit like chemotheray for cancer - if it works, it kills the cancer before it, or the cancer, kills the patient. So he's betting that, on the US side, it's pain-now for gain-later. The revamping of NAFTA, which everybody said couldn't be done, may suggest he has a point. It may also be that any short-term pain the US suffers frim the sanctions will be more than made up for by a more equak trade relationship long-term .... if it works.

    The jury is out, and despite all the talking heads on TV expressing opinions, only time will tell. It probably depends on who blinks first.

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    Re: Apple to start making its top-end iPhones in India says report

    Quote Originally Posted by nobodyspecial View Post
    Bring on the 100% block of China ASAP. They are very vulnerable to bankruptcy right now. As long as they think hacking everyone is how they progress going forward (they said this), stop all china goods from entering your country. I hope trump puts a block on 100% china goods ASAP. Get it over with and bring their economy to a screeching halt NOW! There is only one way to combat them, stop dealing with them period! The world can easily make up for their crap which much of their stuff is poisoning us anyway or just plain fake. Siding, sheet rock, kids toys, etc etc. Tons of crap we keep catching that is literally attempts to kill us all IMHO. How can you make so many poisonous products on accident? Not possible. I now attempt to buy everything that says NOT in china, and am shopping USA as much as possible. Don't tell me the brits, french, italians etc etc wouldn't like a huge chunk of China's jobs and income We can all make more by cutting them out of the world. Yet another thing the Clintons screwed up (inviting them into WTO biggest mistake on earth in 100yrs probably...ROFL).
    ROFL, no safeguards Bill. They been dumping steel, aluminum etc for years. Poison products, while blocking ours with high tariffs etc. Give me a break. "Encouraging them to play by the rules"...LOL. Uh, cut them off at the knees trump!
    Idiot, or just a sell out? You decide. They steal 300-600B a year, no matter how nice we are. ISOLATE them now! Bill was wrong, massively wrong. Kick them out of the WTO and watch how fast they collapse. I wouldn't buy an Iphone anyway, but If I was going to, it would be one made in india etc You want your jobs back (like usa manufacturing coming back), cancel deals with China and watch your people get new (old?) jobs. Our unemployment has tanked! Yours will too.
    You might want to look up some financial statistics. China is doing a lot better debt wise than the US...

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