The Bit-Tech boys are are out in Hannover, scouring CeBIT for stories. Here are there three latest articles:

XFX 512MB SLi pictures and benchmarks
We had a good chat with the guys at XFX today, who showed us some upcoming products that we can expect to see over the coming months.
ATI Dual Graphics Exclusive
We are very excited to bring you a world exclusive! Here are the first pictures of RD-400, the dual-graphics solution from ATI that will compete with Nvidia's SLi. We spoke to an Asus representative today who told us that this board was still 2 months away from release, but would support forthcoming graphics cards from ATI with a bridge connector.
Oh, and our Ryszard explains how it will actually work.

MSI's 'digital' SLI bridge
The great thing about this is that you can interchange from a single card to a dual video card configuration without having to change any 'hard' settings on the board itself - this SLI solution is completely 'jumperless', so to speak.