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Thread: Introducing the Voodoo Eden DCC - A silent powerhouse

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    Introducing the Voodoo Eden DCC - A silent powerhouse

    We've been bombarded by so many exciting new products and technologies recently, such as the rebirth of SLI and multi platform motherboards. If you thought the wave of excitement was over, think again. Voodoo PC have managed to come up with a remarkable workstation called the Voodoo Eden DCC. Take a silent PC chassis, and I mean silent. No fans, no sound. Then, whack a couple of AMD Opteron processors into it and you're onto something special. If words don't do it for you, then take a look at the beast, ready to take on a fleet of tanks.

    VoodooEDEN DCC is the ultimate solution for anyone who requires a workstation that is capable of tearing through 3D Animation, CADD, Video Editing, and Digital Audio Editing applications. The EDEN DCC operates silently, emitting no fan noise whatsoever, which has proven to be a real distraction amongst many professional graphic artists.
    Check out the full press release and the Voodoo Eden DCC product page.
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    I've seen a few online integrators use the Zalman TNN500A in their standard fanless configs but this is the first time I've seen it paired with a Dual Opteron.

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