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Thread: Call of Duty: Warzone 'Solos' battle royale mode introduced

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    Call of Duty: Warzone 'Solos' battle royale mode introduced

    This solo mode is designed for the fiercely independent who are "true mercenaries".
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    Re: Call of Duty: Warzone 'Solos' battle royale mode introduced

    I'm really enjoying warzone - for the time being it's even taken me away from PUBG...

    It just seems to have the balance right - MUCH more fun than Apex or fortnite, with good gunplay, a massive map, nice looting system, and really good recovery mechnics - "The Gulag" system works very, very well.

    Obviously you can see the inspiration from other games - it takes a lot form Apex, but "fixes" it - no stupid special powers, better TTK, better map design...just overall more fun.

    The contracts idea gives you that freedom - you could be hunting lootboxes, or playing "hardpoint" within the map, or hunting a specific player. Fights in Warzone are generally really fun too - the longer TTK than most other BR style games means you generally get to actually have a fight rather than just dieing on sight - and the "second chance" mechanics mean you can often be a bit braver too, which all adds to the fun.

    IMO Warzone is the king of the "fun" BR genre at the moment (PUBG is still a better "serious" BR title, but thats fine....) - hopefully it will last

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