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Thread: Shuttle aims to ship 37,500 BTX XPCs in 2005

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    Shuttle aims to ship 37,500 BTX XPCs in 2005

    Recently we took a look at Intel's BTX form factor, the 'successor' to ATX, although it isn't quite there yet, as adoption is a bit slow. This is the be expected however, as there are costs and design issues involved in the move from one form factor to another. One area where BTX seems to be making a good start is the small form factor market, in the "pico-BTX" guise. Shuttle, SFF manufacturers and kings, are taking BTX in their stride.
    The company will roll out three new BTX XPCs this year, each of which will be built using the pico-BTX form factor, according to Ken Huang, company vice president of systems development unit. Huang indicated that Shuttle has no plans to introduce any XPCs built using the slightly larger micro-BTX form factor.

    Huang stated that demand for the systems will grow starting next year, as consumers still need to be educated about the Intel-developed standard and a greater supply of components need to be made available in the market.
    DigiTimes reports.
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