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Thread: News Forum Update - June 20

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    News Forum Update - June 20

    Hello good people

    I hope this finds you all well.

    This is an apology for a technical glitch recently where were creating NEWS threads here that weren't entirely news worthy, anbd we more "Press Release-y"
    Thanks to you all for pointing it out and for not getting the hump while we fixed it. My buddy jim the mod told me about it.

    To mend it, someone called someone else, and between them they sussed it double fast and it's mended

    That's how we roll .......and if the rest of the world, the governments and central banks, global leaders and super powers etc picked up the old tellingbone occassionally and had similar chats, we'd all be better off.

    Meantime, sadly we cant fix the world, (although rumour has it DR is looking at that too ) this forum will be less ....flooded.

    Best regards good people of HEXUS

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    Re: News Forum Update - June 20

    Quote Originally Posted by Zak33 View Post
    My buddy jim the mod

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