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Thread: Mass Effect Legendary Edition announced by BioWare

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    Re: Mass Effect Legendary Edition announced by BioWare

    Despite the overall feeling of greed on the part of EA/Bioware I know I'll be playing in upon release, hopefully in 4K! It would be good if EA were to put this on EA Play so I can subscribe for a month, play it then unsubscribe, even better if EA Play on Game Pass includes this game, but I doubt it, will probably have to fork out extra for the EA Play Pro or whatever they're calling it these days.

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    Re: Mass Effect Legendary Edition announced by BioWare

    Quote Originally Posted by chockimon View Post
    Me too, I totally agree. I haven't even got around to playing the original Mass Effect games yet, let alone the upcoming remasters. What a waste of money and I bet there won't be any discounts for those who bought the original games. It's nothing more than greed. Sign of the times!
    I don't recall any of the remastered versions of films being discounted. Same for various albums. Same for extended editions of books. Why would games be any different?
    It's not like anyone is forcing you to buy these titles...
    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Tyson
    like a chihuahua urinating on a towering inferno...

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    Re: Mass Effect Legendary Edition announced by BioWare

    Regardless of what everyone on here is saying about the remasters - I CAN'T WAIT! ME1 can really use a facelift and ME2 is getting quite outdated in 2021... I am more curious about how ME4 will look like, considering how *ahem* disappointing Andromeda was. I can't believe I didn't even got to finish it, considering I preordered it...

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