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If Cameron wanted to win the referendum he shouldn't have called it at the height of Osborne's ill conceived austerity plan.
Now on that you are right on both points.

Without lots of multiquoting I guess my comment re us not getting special treatment is thinking a lot about electronic products and how, being of the 230-240V 50Hz grid we are more compatible (plug aside which is a simple swap) with European market than US or Canada using 110-120V and 60Hz. Models are often produced for that EU market and the plugs/supplied cable swapped to suit the country. I can't see us getting different innards for a white good or similar unless our regs and more onerous and prevent them from selling the EU variant. Where the EU regs govern we'll just get what they get with a UK plug. Think Bosch fridges. They're not going to suddenly use a different refrigerant or more powerful motor for us because we say they can. They'll just make for the EU, swap the plug and ship it over here.