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Thread: FTC to probe deeper into Nvidia's Arm acquisition

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    Re: FTC to probe deeper into Nvidia's Arm acquisition

    Quote Originally Posted by kompukare View Post
    I wonder if around the time Charlie broke the story, some of the more vocal Nvidia internet supporters had a huge go at him?

    Breaking that story was a proper piece of investigative journalism with him digging through various manifests, part number lists, solder specs and so on until he figured out what was going on. Nvidia had far preferred to keep it all hidden.

    At the time I was affected with a 8800GT (which I had bought ages before this came out) and some nForce chipset which was bought after the story was written. If the wider tech media hadn't been too chicken to report this widely I would have know not to buy that nForce mobo
    He also used microscopy to look at cross sections of the affected GPUs IIRC.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dribble View Post
    low margin deals (e.g. consoles).
    You mean like the Nintendo Switch,with Nintendo the only console maker who wants to make money on the consoles. Nvidia also was in the XBox and PS3.The reason they lost out was because they couldn't provide a CPU at the time. Also do you think providing chips for cars is high margin too when car companies are also renowned to want to drive costs down?? The same with tablets. AFAIK,Tegra lost Nvidia at least a billion USD IIRC.

    When you look at the revenue sources of Nvidia,before their Mellanox purchase,gaming sales made nearly 2/3 of their revenue. They were literally jacking up the prices of their GPUs to subsidise other markets.

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    Re: FTC to probe deeper into Nvidia's Arm acquisition

    Quote Originally Posted by Dribble View Post
    Nvidia only alienates the true open source evangelists - those that just use linux and don't care about open source (e.g. businesses) often pick them because their closed source drivers work the best. While I said they would be willing to license designs they certainly won't do it for free which is what opensource is all about.
    NVIDIA's proprietary drivers have a lot of issues due to its closed nature. It doesn't help that they often try to brute-force their way into the community (e.g. the whole EGLstreams thing, which they now announced is "obsolete" and will use GBM like everyone else does). AMD has open-source drivers and, as far as I know, they still don't license designs for free. Nor does Intel, which has been shipping open source drivers since forever.

    Open-source isn't about getting "free stuff," it's about control. If you don't control your hardware/software, someone else does.

    Companies don't hate each other, but they all certainly hate working with NVIDIA.

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