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Thread: Noctua teases the 'Redux' CPU cooler line

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    Re: Noctua teases the 'Redux' CPU cooler line

    Quote Originally Posted by Premium View Post
    I'd pay extra for an airflow case that colour-matched Noctua's brown/beige ffs.

    There's a reason why wood trim is a premium optional feature in cars.
    It is a shame that none of the manufacturers have even attempted to produce a case that compliments the standard Noctua fans. I see so many builds using the 'chocolate and cream' fans that surely there would be a market to make such a case.

    Somebody recently made a Noctua themed build on linustechtips:

    Additionally, if you're wanting the luxury wood trim option, there are some custom cases available:

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    Re: Noctua teases the 'Redux' CPU cooler line

    I buy Noctua gear for it's quality and performance, so I really don't get the hate.

    I don't do case windows* but, even if I did, the colour of their fans wouldn't bother me.

    *I will, of course, still spend hours on proper cable management

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