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Thread: IBM seeks $2.5bn in damages from GlobalFoundries

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    IBM seeks $2.5bn in damages from GlobalFoundries

    It says that after fab acquisition GF broke its contract to develop the next generation of chips.
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    Re: IBM seeks $2.5bn in damages from GlobalFoundries

    An IBM Company Spokesperson has been in contact with HEXUS and wants to highlight the following paragraph from its complaint filed in the NY State court:
    "IBM depended on GlobalFoundries after investing heavily in a long-term mutual relationship. GlobalFoundries responded by taking IBM’s money, and benefitting from IBM’s knowledge, skill and assets. Though GlobalFoundries repeatedly assured IBM that it would meet its commitments, GlobalFoundries instead abruptly and without any justification walked away from IBM while IBM was reliant on GlobalFoundries. GlobalFoundries has demonstrably failed to act as a reliable partner and supplier."

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    Re: IBM seeks $2.5bn in damages from GlobalFoundries

    I did wonder what would happen with the IBM deal after GloFo just abandoned leading-edge nodes.

    AMD seem to have benefitted from escaping the WSA exclusivity though!

    I wonder if another foundry like Samsung would be interested in buying what's left of GloFo, because their current owners don't seem interested in substantially investing in the company any more, and this lawsuit, which appears to have merit, surely can't help matters either.

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