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Thread: 4Ghz Smithfields?

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    4GHz Smithfields?

    Recently, Tom's Hardware Guide had the chance to check out one of Intel's validation labs. In a validation lab, new processor designs are put through what you might describe as the mother of all burn-in tests. Operating Systems need to be tested with them, numerous pieces of hardware, and of course factors such as heat need to be monitored. All of this is to ensure that once a processor hits the market, it is guaranteed to work for customers, bug free.

    What is perhaps the most interesting tid-bit of information from THG's article is that Intel's new dual core Pentium D "Smithfield" has been successfully run at 4GHz, purportedly using normal cooling solutions.
    Overclocking is a standard part of the validation: "You bet we overclock," Grilley said. Of course, Intel does not recommend any overclocking and does not give any guarantee, but Grilley said she "has seen Smithfields reaching 4 GHz" before becoming unstable, while others already passed out at 3.3 GHz.
    Intriguing stuff, check it out.
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