The Tech Report get a special mention for their Foxconn NFPIK8AA Motherboard review, purely because of the photography on the first page of the article:

Glorious! Now, this motherboard is nForce Pro based so it packs some grunt.
Fortunately, Foxconn has a new single-socket Opteron board primed for dual-core processors. The awkwardly-named NFPIK8AA taps NVIDIA's latest nForce Pro chipset to offer eight Serial ATA ports with 300MB/sec transfer rates, dual hardware-accelerated Gigabit Ethernet ports, and more PCI Express lanes than any other motherboard we've tested. Packed to the gills, the NFPIK8AA has all the makings of a perfect dual-core platform for workstations and enthusiasts. Read on to find out if the board lives up to its potential.
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