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Thread: Do your bit for charidee!

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    Do your bit for charidee!

    The Entertainment Software Charity (ESC), the computer and video games industry's official charity, has announced details of its latest fundraising initiative, the launch of four ESC Gamers wristbands, giving the UK's gamers a chance to raise money for young people's charities.

    The wristbands are inexpensive, make a statement, are socially responsible and help to raise funds for a variety of important charities. The wristbands will be available in four colours with blue representing the PS2, green for the Xbox, purple for the Gamecube and red for PC.

    The design on the wristbands is being decided by a huge nationwide campaign through Future Publishing's GamesMaster magazine. In the July issue readers were asked to send in their choice of design and the number of entries was overwhelming. The lucky winner will receive a fantastic prize consisting of a Sony PS2, Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Gamecube, Sony PSP and Nintendo DS all donated by SEGA.

    Check out the full press release here.
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