Another good news tipoff from Lee, this time David Berlind has been pestering HP staff. You see, you can get an HP laptop with a Pentium M processor, a mobile chipset and 802.11b/g wireless, or you can get one with an Intel wireless module and suddenly you can have the Centrino brand slapped on it, at a price of course. While querying this, he discovered some interesting "facts" about Centrino.
  • Centrino is a new processor technology offered by Intel. (Truth: it's not a processor technology nor is it new.)
  • Centrino means that the wireless capability is built into the processor. (Truth: it's not.)
  • There are Centrino processors. And there are Intel processors. (Truth: again, Centrino is not a processor, but it is an Intel brand.)
  • HP's sales specialists, to whom HP's online experts refer you should your question cause smoke to billow out of their ears, are actually dumber than the so-called experts. And when the line of questioning becomes too difficult, you are mysteriously disconnected from the chat.
Check out the blog of it all, for a good laugh.