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Thread: We want better batteries

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    We want better batteries

    Long battery life is one of the most sought after features of mobile devices, according to a global survey.
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    What I'd really like to see is a new smaller battery standard. If you need more battery life, just take a spare battery. You could make them rechargeable or just single-use, so that you can always get fresh new batteries from a store. and since it's standard, you don't have to worry about manufacturers still producing the model you need when your battery dies (Li-ion batteries have about 3-4 year lifespan anyway).

    The AAA format is getting a bit cumbersome for very small gadgets such as mobiles or mp3 players.There are rectangular batteries for flat portable cd players, but this format does not seem to be very popular.
    Creative has some mp3 players with user accessible battery, but it's proprietary. Most of the devices with batteries are using 3.7V Li-ion ou Li-Polymer batteries. It shouldn't be this hard to define a proper standard for them.
    But with only proprietary soldered batteries and tens of new devices released every month, it looks as if all these battery powered devices are disposable, with a "Best Before 4 years", starting when it is manufactured.

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    Emerging technology is looking a fuel cells powered by methanol - just top up the tank on your mobile or laptop!

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    Yeh the fuel cell standard will be the way forward for any kind of long term charge. One particular ocmpany has made an interchangable fuel cell adapter (pressurised at 30PSI) where if you run out of charge, you can change the cell over while the camera is still running.

    Aside from obvious dimensional problems in regards to carting around 2/3 grenade sized cells with an adapter, theres little to stop laptops from getting this new technology to work.

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