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Thread: ZFS on its way

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    ZFS on its way

    Sun's new 128-bit Zettabyte Filesystem will be available soon, The Register reports:
    Our phone taps at Sun have turned up some key ZFS information. First off, the software made it into the next version of Solaris's code base just this week. ZFS will stand as another feature in Solaris 11 or whatever Sun plans to call the next major version of its operating system.

    In the meantime, customers will be able to grab ZFS from the Solaris Express program in two weeks time. It's reasonably safe to assume that an OpenSolaris launch will follow.
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    i'm not sure how much to trust a company with schizophrenia like Sun.

    Solaris 10 was originally touted as having a bunch of new feature - ZFS, better-than-linux performance, and Janus were 3 of the main ones, and they sold several hundred thousand of equipment here on the back of those features.

    1) ZFS isn't part of solaris 10
    2) Solaris 10 is slower than RHEL3 in our benchmarks
    3) Janus still isn't out (and probably will never be)

    Sun really can never say what it's going to do next, and I'd be very concerned about investing in Sun-based infrastructure with that much uncertainty there

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    ahhh at last the news is released.

    I didn't expect it so soon.

    I won't be using this for a long time (although things can change quickly), any applications that would benifit from large filesystem access......are not supporting and have no road map to support it, is there a hidden message/reason there.
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