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Thread: InterVideo reports Dell to USITC over InstantOn patents

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    InterVideo reports Dell to USITC over InstantOn patents

    InterVideo Seeks Permanent Exclusion Order and Permanent Cease and Desist Order Related to Patent Covering Personal Computer and Electronic Device Functions, Especially Concerning InterVideo's InstantON Products and Technology

    Northampton UK December 7th, 2005 – InterVideo, Inc. (NASDAQ: IVII)), a leading provider of software solutions to tier-one consumer electronics and PC manufacturers, announced today that its subsidiary, InterVideo Digital Technology Corporation, has filed a Complaint under Section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930 in the United States International Trade Commission, naming as respondents Dell Inc., Winbook Computer Corporation, Cyberlink Corporation of Taiwan, and Cyberlink’s U.S. subsidiary, Corporation.
    Here's the full release - which, frankly, isn't very informative.

    However, I've now written a reasonably detailed news story. That, hopefully, makes everything clear - including the fact that this is quite a significant development.

    That's because this all concerns InterVideo's Linux-based InstantON technology which allows a PC to be booted up very quickly (well, relative to a cold boot in Windows) so you're not left hanging about waiting to play CDs and DVDs or watch TV or listen to radio.

    What InterVideo is trying to do, as I see it, is make sure that it gets PC and software makers to license InstantON technology for PCs that are instantly ready to use for media access.

    Still amazes me, though, what sort of things you're able to patent - especially in the USA.

    If you have any thoughts on that subject - or on the InstantON legal wrangles - this is the place to voice them.
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