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Thread: Migilia's FireWire audio interface available for XP

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    Migilia's FireWire audio interface available for XP

    Migilia Technology is now selling its FireWire audio interface to run under Windows XP, not just Mac OS X. The unit, HarmonyAudio, is based around Oxford Semiconductor 970-series chippery and said to feature 24-bit/96kHz conversions; eight line-level outputs (enough for a 7.1 set up); and two line-level inputs (for two instruments or one instrument and a mic). Recommended price is £211 inc VAT and warranty two-years return-to-base.

    Check out the press release and let us know your thoughts.
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    Harmonyaudio for Windows .... Be Warned

    Forget about making this device work in windows in Asio mode (although it’ll work as a Directx device), and most of all forget about getting support from Miglia if you’re a windows user (They’ll always tell you it’s a faulty installation). I’ve had this device for about a month, trying to get support, reinstalling over and over, but now the time has come to spread the thruth : It’s not a Windows device, even if they claim the opposite on their Web site. Don’t buy this if you’re looking for an Asio device under Windows xp …


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