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Thread: Running the Pentium Presler XE at 4.26GHz

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    Running the Pentium Presler XE at 4.26GHz

    Who'd have thought you could whack an extra 800MHz onto the clock speed of Intel's 3.46GHz dual core Presler? The Inquirer tells a tale of a somewhat unexpected overclock.
    As it is a dual-core hot rod able to heat even cold Beijing winters, and probably melt some icicles off the Great Wall along the way, I expected it to overclock only slightly, or not at all, when using the supplied Intel stock fan. So I minimised on all the rest, using just two sticks of Crucial Ballistix DDR2-1000 RAM, and Sapphire X1600Pro graphics.

    Boy, was I wrong...
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    Why is the temp mentioned 92 degrees isn't that very high, I mean shouldn't it be closer to half that at idle? Results of 4.2ghz on stock cooler seems pretty widespead on the various forums. Cedar mill/Pressler seems to be the chips that smithfield/prescott should have been, but is that really enough now...
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