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Thread: Thecus' YES Nano

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    Thecus' YES Nano

    Thecus has taken the idea of their YES Box and made it really small. Marketed under the same YES branding as the N2100, the YES Nano is in its most basic form a 2.5" hard drive enclosure. However, it implements a USB technology which, on portable devices such as itself, should be used more often, we think.
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    Cool Yes to Nexons

    Interesting to see this item and thank you for your site.
    I had a spare 2.5inch HD from my upgraded laptop. This has been in the store box for two years but then I found recently NeXons HD cases were on ebay at 99p plus postage and purchased one.
    It works fine via a single or double usb and now provides storage for my Powerpoint presentations. Very convenient as editing from either desktop or laptop is simple - especially when my wife is on the laptop. - did I mean that!

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    That's a good plan - most removable usb drives lack that kind of proper functionality, which is a shame.
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    I really needed something like that on a recent holiday, filled up my digital camera and
    the only place i could get them transfered was at the hotel where they charged $20 US
    for a cd then $10 for others. They didnt even have DVD writers the gits the amount of
    money i would have had to spend to copy all the photos would have cost more than buying
    something like this and a brand new laptop HDD.

    If I go on a similar trip I would def buy something like this.

    I went to st Lucia by the way which is why i couldnt find anywhere to do it.

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